Words of Inspiration Today To Help On Your Journey

Believe that problems do have answers.
Believe that they can be overcome.
Believe that they can be handled.
And finally, believe that you can solve them.”
~ Norman Vincent Peale ~

Our greatest personal growth comes from shining light on our unconscious shadows.
Unconscious blocks (repressed emotions, inner wounds, limiting beliefs, unexpressed grief, etc.) are unseen but they seriously interfere with our satisfaction with life.

If we want to be happier and more confident, we need to reveal the unconscious shadows that are holding us back. It is only when we are conscious of our subconscious programs that we hold the power to release them.

How do we become conscious of what is now unconscious? We can use questions to unlock subconscious secrets.

Ask yourself the Smart Questions below. For each of your answers, dig deeper to uncover any limiting beliefs that keep you from growing and enjoying your life.

When I am stuck in a situation, what excuses do I make to defend myself?
What are my pet peeves, dislikes and hates? What situations evoke strong emotional reactions in me?
What stresses me?
What drains my energy?
What challenges me in life right now?
What desired results are not showing up in my life? Where are my efforts not paying off?
How do I sabotage myself?
Who and what do I blame for my problems, e.g., family members, boss or co-workers, economy, government, nature, life, God …?
What am I afraid of?
What limits me from experiencing freedom and fulfillment in my life?
Review your answers and your insights into the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Pick one of the most problematic beliefs and set an intention to become aware whenever it shows up. Plan and implement strategies that will support you in releasing it.


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